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201818-063NewInstant Rebate Offer3/16/2018
201818-062Delicato Family Vineyards Rebate Promotions3/15/2018
201818-061NewThings of Value Inquiry3/15/2018
201818-060mike’s HARDER Deadpool 2 Sweepstakes Promotion3/15/2018
201818-059Change of Manager3/12/2018
201818-058Concessionaire at Club3/13/2018
201818-057Private Events at Winery3/8/2018
201818-056Territorial Agreements3/6/2018
201818-055Transporter-for-Hire Questions3/6/2018
201818-054Beringer Bring It Home Regional Sweepstakes3/6/2018
201818-053Monitor Lottery Games3/6/2018
201818-052Josh Cellars Manufacturer's Coupon3/5/2018
201818-051Distributor with Territory Questions 3/5/2018
201818-050Direct Wine Shipper Compliance Question3/5/2018
201818-049Growler Club3/2/2018
201818-048Skill Machines3/7/2018
201818-047PA Skill Games3/1/2018
201818-046Bird Dog Whiskey Dog Days of Summer Sweepstakes3/1/2018
201818-045Yuengling® Courtside Sweepstakes2/27/2018
201818-044The Black Box Rewards Sweepstakes2/27/2018
201818-043Couplet Limits on Sales for Off-Premises Consumption2/27/2018
201818-042Stoli® Red Sparrow Sweepstakes2/27/2018
201818-041Get Lucky Star Sweepstakes Promotion2/23/2018
201818-040Recharge With Avalon Sweepstakes Promotion2/26/2018
201818-039Lobster Roll With Raeburn Sweepstakes Promotion2/26/2018
201818-038Accolade Wines Rebate Offers2/26/2018
201818-037Meet Joel Gott Sweepstakes Promotion2/26/2018
201818-036Explore The Parks With Bandit Text For A Chance To Win Sweepstakes Promotion2/23/2018
201818-035Advertising Beer Prices 2/21/2018
201818-034Distributor and Can Releases2/21/2018
201818-033Evan Williams Kentucky's First Distiller Sweepstakes2/16/2018
201818-032Sale of Bottles by Winery at Tastings 2/16/2018
201818-031Bacardi Spring Training Text-To-Win Sweepstakes2/16/2018
201818-030Shiner Rodeo Sweepstakes2/16/2018
201818-029Riunite This is R Moment to Rock Sweepstakes & Instant Win Promotion2/21/2018
201818-028Visit Philadelphia Distilling Sweepstakes2/16/2018
201818-027Austerity Foodie Sweepstakes Promotion2/21/2018
201818-026Licensee holding a Public Office2/26/2018
201818-025Club Records2/15/2018
201818-024Self-Distribution Restriction for a Couplet2/13/2018
201818-023Poker Machines2/13/2018
201818-022 AMENDEDAlcohol Transfer Questions2/16/2018
201818-021Bartender at Private Club2/14/2018
201818-020Loyalty Program2/13/2018
201818-019Sheetz is selling 15 packs 2/6/2018
201818-018Promotional Labatt 36-Pack Cooler Package2/5/2018
201818-017Guarachi Wine Partners Escalating Rebate Offers2/9/2018
201818-016Line 39 Find Your Weekend Sweepstakes2/2/2018
201818-015Kronenbourg New Orleans Trip Sweepstakes for Pennsylvania2/2/2018
201818-014Hotel License1/26/2018
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