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Onsite Events & Webinars for February

Each onsite event will consist of an Activity Table and a Lunch n' Learn

February Events

Wednesday, February 8 – Agriculture, Cameron Street, Room 309

Thursday, February 9 – Health & Welfare, Room 129

Tuesday, February 14 – L&I Cameron Street, Room 326

Wednesday, February 15 – Revenue Strawberry Square, Room 1125 (Lunch n' Learn Only)

Activity Table: Calorie Comparison
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Popular food/snack items are displayed on the table.  Participants are asked to match the minutes of walking it would take to burn off the calories in each item.

Lunch n' Learn: Portion Control 101
Noon – 12:30 p.m.
Over the past few decades, portion sizes have grown at restaurants, at grocery stores and at home. This has led to many of us consuming more calories than we need and gaining weight.  Come and learn a number of helpful portion control techniques you can use in a variety of dining situations.

To register for the Lunch n' Learn, visit

All webinars begin at noon and are approximately 30 minutes.

Thursday, February 16

Get Moving Today!
Regular physical activity can improve your overall health and fitness, give you more energy and reduce your risk for many chronic diseases.  We'll discuss easy tips to fit activity into your busy schedule, and techniques to help you stay motivated.

To register for the webinars, visit

Employees must use their lunch period or use annual or personal leave, based on applicable labor agreement, to take part in this event if it is within their scheduled working hours.